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Travel Essentials - Packing Tips

The never-ending travel conundrum… what to pack. Here are the best packing tips we’ve learned over the years.

Off the rack


 Start With a List

For anyone who ever need to know how they can go from packing a giant suitcase to doing just a carry-on, you need to make a list. For your next trip, pack as you normally would, but make a checklist of everything you pack. Then as you wear your items on your vacation, check off that list. Take note of all the things you didn’t actually use. Next time, don’t pack those things! 


Make an Itinerary

Knowing what you’re doing everyday will help you bring only the things you really need. Plan your outfits around your activities.

Packing a Bag
Browsing Shoes


Limit Your Shoes

This is one of the biggest packing tips. Before you freak out, seriously consider what shoes you actually need. Depending on what type of trip I’m on those could be runners, sandals, flats, boots, heels. Any combination based on my activities, but just one of each! Wear your biggest shoes on the plane to save space in your suitcase.


Hotel Toiletries Are Your Best Friends

You don’t need to bring your entire beauty routine with you in full size. There are loads of great mini toiletries bottles you can use to have your fav products on hand. But don’t balk at what the hotel has. You’ll start to figure out what you can’t do without and what you can adjust on.

Zero Waste Bathroom
Clothes suitcase


Roll…. Tightly!

I’m a big believer in rolling my clothes to get the most space in my suitcase. I iron my clothes first, lay them on a hard, flat surface and roll as tightly as possible.


Pack Heavy Items First

Put bulkier/bigger/heavy item on the bottom of your suitcase. Think denim, sweaters, etc. Then squeeze your thinner, lightweight items in around the bigger ones.

Packing Luggage
Packed Luggage


Make Use of Hotel Irons/Laundry

Rolling tightly means you will likely have wrinkles. So make sure your hotel has an iron to keep your look crisp and polished. But don’t be afraid to have your clothes laundered at the hotel. It may seem expensive, but in comparison to paying for checked bags or overweight fees, it’s not that expensive and it means you can get multiple uses out of items. Plus, I always think they do a much better ob at cleaning and Ironing my clothes than I can!


Keep It Organized

Keep chords, tech items, adapters, etc. in one zippered case. You’ll be amazed at how much space it saves!

Small Suitcase
Packing Luggage


Think Light Layers

You’ll be able to pack more options if you think in light layers. And more items means versatility and more outfits on your trip! Layer light knits, button up shirt, silky blouses and tank tops with pants, denim, dresses and skirts for a new outfit.



I am never without a scarf on a trip, no matter the destination. A lightweight scarf keeps me warm and cozy on chilly planes, it’s the perfect wrap for a cool night out, and can be a casual accessory during the day.

Knitted Scarves
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